Design evolves over time and technology does too, at what feels like lightening speed. As an artist or entrepreneur you’re busy making art and running your business,  yet there’s no need to fear being left behind.

Not since televisions entered our homes has media gone through such profound change. Everyone has had to rapidly adapt – huge global brands down to  small one-person shops.

But it is possible to exploit the best bits and not become a slave to computers, tablets or smartphones. Modern media isn’t just about Social Media “tweets” and “feeds” or reading about what friends had for lunch and where they went last night. Learn how to use modern tools to easily tell the story of you and your brand

It is possible to get up-to-date with with modern media trends and necessary, because like it or loathe it, marketing with new technologies and online media is here to stay.

Learn tips and tricks to keep yourself or your products in front of your clients or customers with one-to-one training or by joining a workshop series.

If design services are needed for your new or existing business you’ve come to the right place. With over 25 years experience in traditional media design and over 20 years of digital media design, JIG Creative will make your customers and your competitors sit up and take notice.