Digital Media

Digital media offers immediacy and affordability.


Designed for Downloads


Digital brochures can be used for a variety of purposes – often they are used to send targeted sales information and to help deliver customer service. They can be delivered in a variety of ways, for example as PDF downloads from a website or as part of an automated email responder.

The samples above were designed to help a photographer give further information to those who enquire about her services. Another is a 'Welcome Pack,' it includes tips and checklists to help couples consider the types of images they want captured on their wedding day.

When information is designed and planned with intention, it can save a small business owner many extra steps. Instead of back-and-forth emails, questions can be anticipated and answered in helpful brochures.


Engaging Customers


I help clients navigate the waters of social media, making sure their online presence matches up with their brand message as a whole, assisting with campaign strategies and focusing on quality connections instead of rapid numbers. Businesses who consistently use social media as a way to serve instead of self-promote experience the biggest returns.

email samples.jpg

Email Campaigns


An email list can be a powerful marketing tool. Clients own their lists, so unlike with social media, they have control over the reach and frequency of their messaging. One business owner I work with has no website or social media presence at all, she successfully markets her business with just a highly targeted email list.


Digital Presentations


Presentations no longer have to be the boring Powerpoints we've all sat through with bad clip art and hard to read bullet points. They can now include a range of media and be shared in person, via cloud collaboration tools, or as downloads from websites.